Another stalking incident, case worked with K9s.  

A white human hair, 1 1/4", with the root bulb, was found at the scene, along with whitish/reddish facial hair.  

It was known that the stalker had dyed his hair white to change his appearance and did have facial hair.

Rub marks made on the vehicle, different stalking case.  Large pocket type pants made the rub marks against the vehicle.  We were able to determine the stalker was 5'3" - 5'4" from the rub marks of the pants on the rear bumper and quarter panel, drivers side.

The stalker was observed by us 45 minutes after we received the call from the person who is being terrorized by this man.  He was observed 1/2 mile away from the residence at 7:30 am.  

The stalker was wearing black BDU pants with a black T-shirt.  

Our K9 was used to track and give us a direction of travel.  


Actual stalking case worked.  Stalker caught on surveillance camera with accomplice

The stalker is very unpredictable yet predictable.  


They will use Plausible Deniability - the term typically implies forethought, such as intentionally setting up the conditions to plausibly avoid responsibility for one's past and future actions or knowledge.

Stalkers feel they are above the law, a domestic violence protection order and restraining order are just a piece of paper, they are thumbing their nose at the judge.

​These stalkers are not the "normal" stalker you would think of.  These stalkers are people who are in a line of work with community service, helping others who are hurt, upholding the law, people "respect" them. 

They are the ones who show up when something goes wrong, an accident, robbery, assault, who would think they would have such a dark side.

In photos that captured just a part of the stalker, there was one common item the stalker wore, a ring with a round setting on the left hand, the stalker is also left handed.