Another stalking incident.  

A white human hair, 1 1/4", with the root bulb, was found at the scene, along with whitish/reddish facial hair.  

It was known that the stalker had dyed his hair white to change his appearance.

Rub marks made on the vehicle, different stalking event.  Large pockets from BDU pants made the rub marks against the vehicle.  We were able to determine how tall the stalker was from the rub marks.

The stalker was seen 1/2 mile away wearing black BDU pants with a black T-shirt, 45 minutes after the victim reported this to us.  


Stalker caught on surveillance camera with accomplice

The stalker is very unpredictable yet predictable.  


They will use Plausible Deniability - the term typically implies forethought, such as intentionally setting up the conditions to plausibly avoid responsibility for one's past and future actions or knowledge.

Stalkers feel they are above the law, a domestic violence protection order and restraining order are just a piece of paper, they are thumbing their nose at the judge.


In photos that captured just a part of the stalker, there was one common item the stalker wore, a ring with a round setting on the left hand, the stalker is also left handed.