Stalking is a serious crime and needs to be dealt with swiftly

Stalkers are often cowardly,

following victims who have accused them of domestic violence; this is another form of domestic violence

There are no words to describe the stalker who goes after innocent animals and does grave harm to them!

In another stalking incident, again middle finger put in front of a game camera.  This time the stalker went through a closed gate, trespassed up to the house to the back door where the camera was set.  At the time, the victim had moved to a different town, but with the use of a tracking device, the stalker followed the victim’s movements.

The stalker is wearing knit gloves, the material is visible around the finger.

The stalker entered the locked trunk.  

Actual stalking cases worked,

We have first hand knowledge, stalking incidents happened to us.  

The K9s are included in the DVPO order and permanent restraining order.

The fingerprints in the wheel well are from an accomplice.  Stalking victim was stalked across state lines by use of a tracking device. Witnesses have identified the accopmlice.

Stalkers need to be held accountable

We were able to show that the finger marks found on the victim's vehicle door did belong to the subject who had been stalking them.  

The stalker entered the locked vehicle, violating a domestic violence protection order.


There is a match with the stalker's right hand, a unique middle finger distal interphalangeal crease, and the pointer finger.  The stalker was wearing a type of protective gloves typically worn by EMS personnel; the outer edges of this print are not smooth.

These little, very important details, were overlooked and/or ignored by the deputies responding to the multiple stalking incidents


Tracking devices had been placed on the victim's vehicles.  

A stalker tried to run his victim and her dog over with his truck on a forest road, but the victim was able to take a photograph of the oncoming truck and still jump out of the way.  

With the knowledge of where his victim is all the time, the stalker uses

Plausible Deniability when he's questioned by law enforcement.  



A window was pushed open from the outside to gain entry into the home, the doors were locked, different stalking event.  
Palm and fingerprints were left on the glass.

We use our K9s to help victims of stalking who believe they are still being stalked.  The K9s will detect if a stalker has entered a vehicle or home and will detect the stalker’s scent on items they’ve touched or left behind.  If the victim suspects the stalker was lurking in the area, the K9s will indicate the direction of travel and can show the stalker was in the area.

Often a stalker will enlist the help of others to help him with his "dirty work".  

He tells a story to gain other people’s sympathy and obtain help. 

When the stalker does get help from others, all parties are equally guilty of stalking.


Again, same stalker, different stalking event.  Left hand, a middle finger placed in front of the game camera.

There is a unique bend of the metacarpophalangeal joint middle finger left hand.  There is a DVPO in place against this stalker.

The right hand was placed on the bumper, more than likely while placing something under the bumper.