Physical abuse damage to Moose's spinal column

River poisoned in her own home by the abuser with 22 of his prescription hydrochlorothiazide pills.  

Elsie Drever was kicked hard by him in her right flank.  Both were pups.

“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” ― Immanuel Kant

History of K9s being poisoned in their own home.  

History of being stalked to another city and across state lines and the poisoning of k9s

The abusers excuse for abusing the animals - I was teaching them a lesson, they deserved it.  

No animal deserves to be abused.

Coming out of a seizure after being poisoned



Wyoming is one of the worst states, ranked at 48, for animal protection laws.  When animal abuse was reported to Albany County sheriffs dept. by me, I was told by the deputy/detective "animals are considered property, the owner can do whatever they want to the animal.  They can beat it, kick it, or kill it"  This is wrong, there are laws in the state to protect animals.  My K9s were also service animals.

I am making the animal abuse that my K9s were subjected to public knowledge.  There are years of vet records which document the abuse, the vets did not report this abuse as it was required by law, there are records from ASPCA Poison Control for multiple poisoning incidents.   The lack of enforcement by law enforcement and animal abuse was also reported to the HSUSA.  We are now following the advice of the HSUSA. 

When Moose was a puppy, a 2 lb fitness weight was thrown with force at his head, in his own home.  The weight just missed his head and hit the bedroom wall making a 4" hole in the plywood paneling at the ranger station where we lived.  Josie was taught to live in fear by being yelled at and hit too when she was a puppy and into her adult life.  River was also taught to live in fear by being yelled at and hit as a puppy and into her adult life.  I did learn that there is a history of animal abuse by this man.  I was told that a previous dog he owned was unmercifully beaten, there was also domestic violence in this home.  This man has a lot of rages.

People would ask me why I had my dogs with me all the time;  what I couldn't say was, I was protecting them, us, from the abuse in their own home.  The only time we felt safe was when the abuser was gone or we were away from him out in the forest hiking.

From 2011 and on, the dogs and I were always sick.  I was taken by ambulance or private vehicle to the hospital multiple, multiple times with heart or breathing problems.  Once at the hospital, the abuser took over the conversations with medical personal and me.  What stands out with Moose, he was seen by a vet specialist for high blood pressure and retinas that were hemorrhaging.  What stands out for Josie, she was seen by a vet specialist for breathing problems.  My birds became sick and died.  The animals and I all had the same symptoms and medical problems, that had us seeking medical help.  The other person in the house would do nothing to help us.  Patterns emerged for medical events happening to me and to my animals.


In 2004 a K9 water detection and recovery class were offered in OH. It was decided that Instead of me flying to Finlay, OH, with Moose, we would drive and take our camper and make it a family trip and visit relatives who lived in WI on the way.  

The above photo is the spinal X-ray for Moose, my lead K-9. The photo shows cumulative severe damage from a traumatic spinal injury that first occurred in 04, caused by a very abusive man to a nationally known Search and Rescue K-9.  Moose was in extreme pain, unable to walk or move when this happened.  He was severely jolted backward by the leash that was attached to his collar, Moose screamed in pain. This incident happened on the weekend.  I am so thankful to the wonderful holistic vet at Countycare Animal Complex, in Green Bay, WI who helped Moose with electo-acupuncture and chiropractic care, herbs, and other modalities.  This incident caused severe damage done to Moose's spinal column which left him living the rest of his life in pain and needing different medical therapies, continued acupuncture treatments, pain meds, and pool therapy.  The excuse for doing this was "Moose deserved it".

There was continuous physical abuse to Moose in his own home, by this man, which required medical treatments by numerous veterinarians over the years. Moose was not the only animal victim, all the dogs in the home physically felt the wrath. This abusive man would hit Moose in the thoracic area of his already injured spine with his knuckle causing him to cry out in pain. There are documented witnesses and vet reports to the abuse caused by this man hitting Moose with his fist and kicking him with his boot.

There were people who saw incidents where the dogs were either hit, kicked or yelled at, they would have a shocked look on their faces at what they just witnessed.  They were also afraid of this man.  Multiple dogs that belonged to other people were also hit or kicked, no animal was immune to his abuse.

The loud cries and screams are seared in my brain from the K9s as they cried out in pain from being struck from a hand, a fist, a shoe, a boot, a hard object that was thrown at them.  I can still hear the scream of a neighbors black lab puppy that I was taking care of when he kicked her hard with his boot right in her flank.  I went running into the room as to why she was screaming in pain, he said he kicked her and she deserved it.  The look on his face sent chills through my body.



This man would take credit for what Moose and I did.  It was brought to my attention by fellow K9 law enforcement officers, that he was taking credit for my accomplishments via LE & I news notes.  He wrote articles as him having done the tracking or being called out on a search.  He told me he had to proofread my search reports so he had all the facts regarding the K9 search and made it his own, officer and his K9 had a successful search  ...............      He was never a K9 officer, was never a certified K9 handler as he claimed to be, doing a FOIA will show this.  Photos of him with Moose were not working photos, photos of him with Moose on a snowmobile were staged, the snowmobile was sitting on a trailer.  This man had the public persona of being a kind man that bragged about the search dogs and how great they were, but in private he was a totally different person and believed he could abuse the animals and teach them a lesson through the abuse.


Two K9s are now suffering from seizures after being poisoned.      



Animal abuse and domestic violence inevitably go undetected by unsuspecting friends or family and go hand in hand, when there is domestic violence there will more than likely be animal abuse. Animal abuse is another way the abuser controls his victim, there will be mysterious deaths of the animals which leaves the victim reeling and the abuser saying in a harsh tone with no feelings or empathy "why are you crying? It's just a damn bird".

The abuser has control over his victim(s) and portrays himself as the nice guy who would never harm anyone, "I am a paramedic, I help people". This person is even more dangerous, they have the knowledge, skills, training to do harm that won't be detectable.

If there is any suspicion of violence he becomes the victim and spins a story about his spouse to get people to feel sorry for him, projection on his part. The abuser will also make comments to people how "animal abuse is wrong, abusers should be hung". They are deflecting what they did, not wanting people to know about their true behavior.

There is also the emotional, financial, physical, verbal, and mental abuse that is not visible to a person who has not experienced it. Animals will shy away when a hand is raised, they will run out of the room when a loud voice is heard. A person will have a startle response, will go into fight or flight or freeze. The abuser has numerous ways to control their victim without letting on to others just what they are doing; by a small gesture of the hand, a look on their face, a wink, a slight change in body posture, a raised eyebrow.

The damage done will not always be visible. The abuser will play the victim to gain sympathy from others and to throw them off his track if they suspect his wrongdoings. He will make the victim out to be the person who wronged him, this gives him free rein to continue. When his victim finally tells someone of the abuser horrific acts, this person has already been primed by the abuser to look at the victim as being paranoid delusional and not believe them.  The abuser was the one who started convincing people not to believe the victim by saying they are paranoid delusional and don't believe what they say; there is no medical evidence or medical diagnosis of this.  This is a common tactic abusers use to throw people off from what they are really doing.  There is evidence of stalking, physical abuse, animal abuse, poisonings, harassment, emotional abuse, identity theft, all done by the abuser.  He does not want others, i.e., friends, law enforcement or the judicial system to see.  He ups his malicious stalking behavior at this point.  He is believable by others and that's what he counts on.
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