Josie brought comfort to those in need.  She was a therapy dog for disaster victims.

     In 2001, Josie became a certified Therapy Dog team through Therapy Dogs Incorporated.

Through the years she volunteered thousands of hours in after school reading programs and public library programs. She helped at-risk children and volunteered with Hospice for many years, as well as helping people with physical therapy. She also comforted children at the hospital, before and after surgery.
     Josie served as a certified therapy dog until Dec. 2012 and was honored for her 11 years of volunteer service by Therapy Dogs Incorporated.

     In addition to working with Josie, we have also served as testers for therapy dogs in training at Therapy Dogs Incorporated.

     Josie was Moose’s littermate and spent thousands of hours of her life as a therapy dog around Albany County, as well as working with school children as part of their reading programs. She was also a fixture at Christmas in Centennial (photo above), showing the kids not to be afraid of Santa and how to make a silly face while sitting on his lap.

Josie followed Moose over the Rainbow Bridge on August 22, 2014, at the age of 14.  

Josie and Moose

always giving to the community and helping others

In after school reading programs, Josie was known as the dog who could read.

Josie the 4 Footed Therapist

Showing the kids how it’s done

Josie the Golden Retriever

 Josie played a huge role with children who had been traumatized.