Praise for Cold Nose Investigators 

A friend and fellow dog trainer contacted a small group of friends that her service dog, Hunter, escaped from her mother’s yard in Iowa the day she was going into the hospital for eye surgery. Although the group of friends was not large in numbers, you would not know that by what transpired over the next few days. Before long there were people helping from all over the world.

I was on the 5-man task force that helped coordinate the search which was named “Hunter Come Home.” When Hunter wasn’t found after a day of searching it was decided to get a pet detective on the job. They were contacted and agreed to go to Iowa and head up the search. She drove straight through to Iowa City and met with the ‘feet on the street’, a group of friends who were working the streets putting up flyers and going house to house in the neighborhood where a Hunter sighting had been reported since his escape.

There were many people involved in the search behind the scenes keeping us, who were scattered in so many states, up to date with details of the search, making up flyers and sending literally hundreds of faxes and emails to local businesses and vets in the area.

With their professionalism and courtesy were evident from the initial contact through her follow-up after Hunter was safe and she had returned home to Wyoming.

I was very impressed with the service that they and her search dog. If it were not for her expertise I don’t know if or when we would have found Hunter.

Thank you for a job well done. I will always remember the picture which will be forever etched in my mind of your dog nudging Hunter down the hill to go to his mom right after they found Hunter. After they told Hunter’s mom to call him, it was evident from his prancing back and forth that he not only heard his mom call him but he was apprehensive about going down the hill to get to her as the terrain was quite steep. I wish I could have been there as not only nudged Hunter down but followed him all the way to Hunter’s mom and the two jumped into the van together. What a story. There was not a dry eye in the houses of those reading their email that Hunter was found and in good health with only minor injury to his pads. A truly happy ending!  You’re the greatest!

I would highly recommend CNI for a pet detective.
Cher McCoy, Task Force, Hunter Come Home
Lexington, VA