Over the years, he would remind me and make sure I didn't forget -

a single bullet will have someone's name on it.

A single, 9mm hollow-point bullet, was strategically placed near my garage door

after he had been removed from the home by a DVPO for domestic violence.  

I knew this meant the bullet had my name on it.

This was stalking and a violation of the DVPO and a threat to me, he was not to be near me, my animals or the home.   

This type of person thrives on money, especially inheritance.  If they see the money is being used by the person who they are a beneficiary to, they know how to make it look like an accident or natural causes if the person dies.  They don't want to lose their share. If their spouse receives an inheritance, then it becomes a very deadly game towards that spouse.

Family members are also fair game.  My mom, who was in her 80's, lived alone after my dad died in a senior living apartment complex.  The apartment building had a security system.  A couple of months after we visited my mom, she called me in a panic.  She found a bullet wedged between the seat cushion and chair.  She was straightening the chair cushions after a maintenance man had done some work on the curtain rods.  With the building being secure, the maintenance man was the only other person who had been in her home.  She sent me a photo of the bullet, it was a 9mm hollow point, a bullet type the stalker used in his duty weapon.  He sat in that exact chair during our visit with my mom.  The bullet was purposely placed there, it would not have fallen out of his concealed weapon.  This malicious act placed a great deal of fear in my mom; she no longer felt safe in her own home after finding a bullet that had been placed in the chair.  

This was gaslighting by him that was done to my mom.  This was pure evil.

His own mom was also fair game.  This could have been deadly.  His mom lived with his brother and wife in another state.  He went to stay with her for a few days while his brother was gone.  Mom was on oxygen 24/7 because of congestive heart failure.  The brother's car was made available in case they wanted to go someplace.  Instead, he made his 94-year-old 4'11 mom crawl up into a Toyota Tundra.  He took her to a restaurant and left her portable oxygen tank in the truck.  The brother's daughter, who is a nurse, happened to go into the same restaurant.  She was appalled at what she saw.  Her grandma's lips were turning blue from not being on her oxygen.  She told him that grandma needed to be back on oxygen, now!  He laughed and said it was no big deal.  Having congestive heart failure and being without oxygen could kill a person, lack of oxygen to the major organs and/or cardiac arrest.  He was an emt/paramedic????   I still have the voicemail from the sister-in-law saying how upset they were with him for what he did to mom.

Family members are also fair game to him