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In Memory of K-9 Moose 
In memory of K-9 Josie





Cold Nose Investigators specializes in cold case homicide cases, tracking - both animal and human, direction of travel, forensic evidence location and physical evidence location.  We have assisted federal, state, county, municipal, and tribal law enforcement to resolve hundreds of complex investigative cases. Some of the cases include: murder, suicides, missing and lost persons, evidence recovery, crime scene, clandestine grave location, and animal kill sites in poaching cases. Back tracking to the location of a crime scene.  Location and return of pets who were ejected from vehicles in roll over accidents on the interstates or vehicle accidents.
Cold Nose Investigators has been involved in training and deploying detection K-9s since 2001.  We train K-9s in the following skill areas: avalanche rescue and recovery; clandestine grave location; drug detection; Pet Detective; wildlife service; urban and wilderness tracking for both humans and animals; search and rescue; and search and recovery; water search and recovery.  
We take great pride in our heritage, history and accomplishments.

A female owned and operated business, Cold Nose Investigators (CNI) was formed in 2001.  Our K-9s have been employed by both law enforcement and private citizens.  In addition to deploying our own K-9s, we also train other K-9s for detection and tracking work.

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